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*A Subject Property Is OVER Taxed When Market Sale Values Of Nearby Similar Or Higher Classed Properties, Lower Than The Subject’s Assessed Value.

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This is just an empowering tool
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That was last year! Ready to fight property taxes THIS year, 2021!

Report home’s hidden cosmetic functional issues, they will drastically REDUCE your property tax bill!

Nearby Distressed Property Data Regarding: Foreclosures, Sheriffs Sales etc..

Inside Subject Property’s Cosmetic Dysfunctional Issues: Cracked Chipped Floors, Foundation Shift, Cracked Walls, Odor Old AC Heating Unit ,  Mildew, Cabinets, Paint, Slow Drains, Old Fence, Cracked Driveways, Roof Leaks, Ceiling Stains, Faulty Electrical Plugs, Switches etc..

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Your Property Is Mass Appraised On A Yearly Basis By Your County
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Reporting External Internal Property Functional Cosmetic Issues, Result In Higher Property Taxes!

Property Homeowners Empowered To Fight And Control Property Taxes!

No Need To Spend 100s of dollars to reduce your property taxes. It is YOUR right!

An Enformics data analyst can help you research market data ready for review 
by the appraisal entity in your county.

This information has to be considered with in the time allowed by the State’s property tax code when appealing the property value!

What Is An SSD Enformics Member!

As An SSD Member, Enformics Constantly Monitors And Scans Real Estate Market Data, Converts It
Into Streamlined Smart Data Comparing It 
With Your Property’s
Current Tax Value.

SSD Data Scans Will Be Zoom
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Entity In Your County, Should You
Decide To Exercise Your Right
To Lower The Property
Tax Value.

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Our Data Scans Will Be Provided For Maximum Value Reduction. 

The State’s Property Tax Code  Allows
Property Owners 
Present Data
 Evidence During 
The Informal
And Formal 

 In The Event The Market Analysis Does Not Save You $95
Or More In Taxes, Will Refund
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